About Sign Spot

About Sign Spot


Our Story

Sign Spot is a full-service sign company located in Los Angeles, California. With over 30 years of experience in the field, we offer a variety of professional services. Sign Spot’s staff is qualified to assist with anything from help with the designing process, all the way to planning, fabricating and installation of the signs.

We started as a small sign shop, and have grown throughout the years due to the impeccable service and endless devotion to our profession.  We take great pride in our business, not only because we have helped out local businesses grow and develop, but because we have, in a way, helped build the image of modern Los Angeles as a city. Nowadays, signs are among the most recognizable landmarks of urban architecture – it is imperative for us to make them in such way, so they match their surroundings with a sense of style and of high-quality materials.

We love what we do, and we, as well as our clients, can proudly say that we offer the highest quality service in the industry.

How We Do It


Our Mission

The urban architecture has developed in such direction that street signs are becoming landmarks of the modern age. In contemporary society, in an urban surrounding, it is perfectly normal to see commercials flashing at you while passing by. Signs have even become the most recognizable sights in some cities, like in Times Square or Las Vegas. The craft of sign making has become as important as architecture or urbanism, and it is up to us to make it look good, fit its surroundings, and to make sure it will last.


Our Way

We make everyone happy. Our customers – by providing them with a long-lasting sign that will make their business stand out; their customers – who would be able to recognize it; regular people and tourists – by creating a sign that will not only serve as marketing for the business, but will look good and fit its surroundings stylistically.